Avodah’s Founder and CEO Shawn Ring intentionally embedded an ancient lifestyle approach of “work, worship, and service” in the DNA of a modern tech brand by selecting an ancient Hebrew word to name a cutting-edge technology company.


Creating a work culture that sees all three elements functioning simultaneously is at the heart of the Avodah business model and at the core of its vision to connect people through the creation of “inspired technology” consisting of AvodahMed and Avodah Language – twin pillars of the same brand powered by the same technology. 


We are advancing Artificial Intelligence, designed by humans to meet the most basic human need to be heard, seen, and understood. Avodah quickly and organically develops our products and services to meet new challenges.

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Avodah Language

Real-time translation, transcription, language preservation and language education in spoken, written and signed languages.

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AvodahMed, the Healthcare division, extends its digital health services to primary care and specialist physician practices.  



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