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Matthew Smith, Ph.D

  • 15+ years of experience in the medical industry related to public health and integrated care models.

  • Co-Director of the Texas A&M Center for Population Health and Aging (CPHA) and an Associate Professor in the Texas A&M School of Public Health.

  • He received his bachelor’s degree in Public Health Education and Master of Public Health (MPH) from Indiana University-Bloomington and his doctoral degree in Health Education from Texas A&M University. He also completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the Texas A&M School of Rural Public Health.

  • Dr. Smith serves as the Lead of the Texas Active for Life ® Coalition and the Texas Research, Analytics, and Innovations Lab (TRAIL) and holds leadership roles in organizations including the Gerontological Society of America (GSA), American Public Health Association (APHA), and American Academy of Health Behavior (AAHB)

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