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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is Avodah?
    Avodah Inc., is a cutting-edge technology company that develops products and services powered by advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI), designed by humans to meet the most basic human needs to be seen, known, and understood.
  • What is AvodahMed?
    AvodahMed is a conversational AI platform under the Avodah brand, designed to enhance physician practice and provide a more personalized patient experience. It combines modern technology and distributed intelligence to offer deeper patient and business insights.
  • What is AvodahConnect?
    AvodahConnect is a Human Centric AI Translation Solution offering real-time translation, transcription, language preservation, and language education in spoken, written, and sign languages.Our solution leads from translation to published works for communities.
  • How does Avodah's technology work?
    Avodah Inc. uses advanced artificial intelligence technology to develop its products and services to impact wide-ranging challenges and outcomes relating to the vision of how people want to be seen, known, and being understood.
  • What is Human-Centered Technology?
    At its core, human-centered technology is designed with the needs, preferences, and emotions of users in mind. This approach goes beyond creating efficient and functional solutions; it aims to develop meaningful connections and resonate with the user on a deeper level. By focusing on the human aspect, we can create technology that enriches lives.
  • What makes Avodah's products unique?
    Avodah Inc. has two unique products — AvodahMed and AvodahConnect. Both are powered by human-centered artificial intelligence technologies, serving as bridges between different people groups. AvodahMed is the first and only AI-enabled Digital Health Platform for both virtual and in-person care. It integrates practice workflow with AI insights to drive improvements in Quality of Care, Patient Outcomes, Operational Efficiency, and Financial Performance. AvodahConnect is a human-centered AI platform that is the preferred choice for language, image, and sound translation. It helps to accelerate the translation process, reducing cost and time, increasing efficiencies, and expanding language capacity.
  • How can AvodahMed's Nsight help my medical practice?
    AvodahMed’s Nsight can help your medical practice by transcribing patient encounters in real-time, seamlessly scheduling in-office or virtual care for your patients, automating chart and appointment insight analysis to help you focus more on patient care, integrating data from other applications for easy workflow, and enabling asynchronous use of video, voice, and text for patient-doctor interactions
  • Is AvodahMed’s Nsight suitable for all types of healthcare facilities?
    Yes, AvodahMed’s Nsight is a valuable AI platform for different healthcare facilities such as hospitals, general practitioners and specialist centers, urgent care centers, clinical and medical offices, mental health centers, birth centers, nursing homes and many other health facilities.
  • Is my patient's data protected when I use AvodahMed?
    Yes. Nsight is HIPAA-compliant and we follow the highest security and privacy standards and regulations
  • How can I contact customer support for AvodahMed products?
    You can call us on (817) 558-7100 if you have any questions or concerns.
  • Can AvodahConnect translate any language?
    AvodahConnect focuses on ASL and other under-served languages. Contact us to see if we offer translation for your requested language.
  • What kind of content can AvodahConnect translate?
    AvodahConnect translates languages, images, and sound.
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