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Avodah, Inc., consisting of AvodahMed and AvodahConnect – are twin pillars of the same brand powered by the same technology. Avodah is proving that advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) designed by humans can meet the most basic human needs; to be heard, seen, and understood, and can quickly and organically develop its products and services to impact wide-ranging challenges and outcomes. Avodah’s technology is the bridge between people groups.


AvodahMed is the first and only AI-enabled Digital Health Platform for virtual and in-person care, integrating practice workflow with AI insights to drive improvements in Quality of Care, Patient Outcomes, Operational Efficiency, and Financial Performance.


AvodahConnect is the preferred choice for language, image, and sound translation. Our technology accelerates the translation process with customers to develop a human-centered AI – reducing cost/time, increasing efficiencies, and expanding language capacity.


Tagline: To Be Seen, Known, and Understood


  • We are intentional with Speed.

    • With speed, we deliver novel solutions and products that accelerate processes

  • We pioneer through Innovation.

    • Through innovation, we continuously revolutionize the way things are done

  • We deliver our work and service with Excellence.

    • We lead with and give excellence in all we do

  • We maintain a posture of Generosity.

    • We are generous with our talent, time, and treasure because we care about our community

For Medical Applications:


AvodahMed’s human-centered artificial intelligence focuses on primary care – Revolutionizing digital remote healthcare services by bringing enhanced quality care to patients and physicians through artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Our human-centered AI design integrated with clinical and practice workflows assures a digitally high human touch that preserves the trusted patient-provider relationship across the continuum of care.

Avodah AI technology enables healthcare providers to have:

  • Seamless scheduling for in-office or virtual care 

  • Real-time transcription and conversation translation removes language barriers and unlocks a new quality of care for the deaf and other underserved communities. 

  • Automated charting and appointment insight analysis give doctors more time to focus on the things that matter, patient care. 

  • Integration of data from wearables, other health apps, and other devices allows for better continual care and frees doctors to care for patients anywhere in the world. 

  • Asynchronous use of video, voice and text for patient-doctor interactions has accelerated care and communication, leaving patients feeling like humans again.


For Language Translation Applications:

AvodahConnect is a Human Centric AI Translation Solution offering real-time translation, transcription, language preservation, and language education in spoken, written, and signed languages. Our goal is to accelerate how we can communicate across different languages using Human-Centered Artificial intelligence by reducing time, increasing efficiencies, and expanding language capacity.

Human-Centric AI Translation Solutions/Services Include –

  • Text Transcription

    • Ability to translate in all modes, especially sign language. Machine learning is built into translation to improve quality.

  • Oral Transcription

    • Human-Centered AI allows translators the ability to integrate their feedback and improvements for language translation. The ability to combine multimodal in translation simultaneously for customers.

  • Sign Language

    • Transcribing general sign language and spoken language into written form. Providing COTS technology to customers for ASL.







Avodah, Inc. (Corporate)
Office Address: 1600 SOLANA BLVD, SUITE 8110, WESTLAKE, TX 76262
General Phone: 817.558.7100
General Email:
Press Contact Email:

Investors Contact:
James Floyd, CFO

Sales/Pilots Contact:
Anthony DiPenti, Sr. VP of Sales

Sales/Language Translation:
Lori Miller, Sr. VP




Shawn Ring_CEO.jpg

CEO & President, Shawn Ring:

Founder, CEO, and President of several technology-based businesses, domestic and international, with 25+ years of experience

History of building, implementing and maintaining high growth strategies. Strategies have produced national brands, national franchise systems, startup growth exceeded $130m in annual revenue. Developed and led Mergers and Acquisitions of more than 9 technology companies. Developed multi-national strategies, international banking and legal foundations in  Singapore, South Africa, Fiji and United States. Built a service-based company serving 47 states with B2B and B2C offerings.


BS in Information Technologies; MBA in International Business & Cross-Cultural Leadership

Mariam Varghese_CAO.jpg

Chief Administrative Officer, Mariam Varghese:

13 years of experience running international operations. Has led in a wide array of Sr. Leadership positions within Corporate Services and Operations.

Certified as Project Management Professional.

BS in Computer Engineering, MA in cultural influences, and an Executive MBA in International Business.

Allan Kelsey_CDO.jpg

Chief Development Officer, Allan Kelsey:

15+ years experience in leading strategy. Highly skilled at progressing complex concepts to deliverable products on time and on budget. Previously CEO of a franchise organization in the automotive industry with 450 franchises in the US and UK.

Bachelor of Commerce in Communications from WITS

in South Africa.

Devin White_CTO.jpg

Chief Technology Officer, Devin White:

20+ years of experience in creating and delivering products across diverse industries.


Offers innovative solutions to operational challenges

and leverages decisiveness to implement solutions to maximize performance and minimize risk. Expertise in aligning teams to achieve corporate vision and streamline operations in challenging, fast-paced environments.

Anthony DiPenti_Sr VP of Sales.jpg

Senior VP of Sales AvodahMed, Anthony DiPenti:
15+ years experience in sales leadership.

Senior Level high-impact performer with extensive Healthcare IT C-Suite sales and business development experience; proven track record of exceeding annual forecasts, superior communication, and presentation skills, as well as a unique combination of interpersonal and analytical abilities.

Lori Miller_Sr VP.jpg

Senior VP of AvodahConnect, Lori Miller:

20+ years of successful relational leadership, operational, and administrative experience across diverse businesses, including a technology startup, an international non-profit organization, and a global translation agency.


Provides executive oversight of faith-based initiatives while managing the day-to-day development, administrative and operational functions of AvodahConnect through coordination with staff and appropriate committees.

Craig Radford_Sr VP.jpg

Senior VP, Craig Radford:
Responsible for leading customer service initiatives. Craig brings 20-plus years of experience in strategic planning, business unit development, project and product management, and system engineering strategies. He will work with the leadership team to strategize new models of sustainable digital engagement for long-term growth.

James Floyd_CFO.jpg

Chief Financial Officer, James Floyd:
11+  years of experience in investment banking. Has advised clients on transactions up to $1 billion. Has 23 years experience in finance in senior levels with A&P, Walmart and Kmart.

Trevor Chandler.jpg

Sr. Vice President of Engineering, Trevor Chandler:

A world-class expert in automation of all kinds, across hardware, software, and robotics, and has multiple patents in advanced artificial intelligence. Founder of TecStar Consulting. Holds several patents in advanced artificial intelligence





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