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AvodahMed’s Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence Focuses on Primary Care in 2022

Healthcare providers are invited to participate in an exclusive pilot program

DALLAS, Texas—December 21, 2021—With the arrival of 2022 imminent, Avodah, a transformative SaaS company powering artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, and its healthcare division AvodahMed are using new capital to extend its digital health services to primary care. AvodahMed’s human-centered AI design integrated in clinical and practice workflows assures a digitally high human touch that preserves the trusted patient-provider relationship across the continuum of care.

AvodahMed’s solution is the next digital frontier in primary care medicine, positioning physicians to better address higher acuity needs in an already capacity-strained healthcare system. As concerns mount over the newly identified COVID-19 variants, digital health solutions are fast becoming a permanent and prominent fixture in care delivery. Medical groups and clinics nationwide are reimagining the in-person visit incited by the pandemic crisis and increasing consumer demand for nonurgent, easy-to-access and convenient virtual health options.

“Primary care has a frontline role in healthcare,” said Shawn Ring, Avodah’s Founder and CEO. “When the intersection of digital health and technology align with the human connection, we have the opportunity to address patients holistically such as social determinants of health, for example, which in turn fuels better care management and outcomes.”

Avodah’s development plans follow last month’s announcement closing $7 million in the seed round.

For the patient, AvodahMed HIPAA-compliant pilot program’s digital care solutions currently enable secure access and bidirectional communication with practice staff and the patient at any time and location; moreover, patients are encouraged to invite family members and loved ones to e-visits. Also, AvodahMed offers a remote patient monitoring (RPM) solution that improves care for at-home patients managing chronic care conditions or discharged from a hospital requiring a longer healing period.

For the healthcare provider, the pilot program offers front- and back-office digital services that include: a scheduling platform for patients to arrange check-in, visit and post-visit appointments; video consults; vitals checking; data analytics; physician notes transcription; and more. These services integrate into the practice or clinic’s workflow, daily operations and any vendor-agnostic electronic health record system.

AvodahMed’s expansion of its pilot program will build upon AI capabilities in global language translation and the collection and analysis of health data insights to help inform clinical decision-making and communication with the patient.

A forthcoming AvodahMed service is its proprietary sign language translation and transcription available in visual, text or oral. This life-changing virtual health communication dramatically improves deaf patients’ accessibility to healthcare and engagement. AvodahMed captures the nuances of facial and body gestures in an effective, distinct and simplified digitized manner that strengthens the deaf patient’s online interaction with a provider.

“We’re deeply committed to innovating AI solutions that overcome health inequities encountered by deaf individuals in our current healthcare environment,” remarked Ring. “Language and communication barriers are largely responsible for poor patient-provider communication.”

Physicians and practice administrators interested in participating in AvodahMed’s pilot program can email inquiries to

About Avodah and AvodahMed

Founded in 2019 and headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Avodah’s vision is to connect and unite people with human-centered artificial intelligence (AI) technology in a way that delivers high-value, innovative solutions that effectively impact patient care. AvodahMed’s AI-powered healthcare platform provides remote pre- and post-visit administration, remote patient monitoring and care management services for healthcare providers to deliver a high-quality patient experience. For more information, email or visit

Media Contact:

Angela Jenkins

Avodah Contact:

Mariam H. Varghese Chief Administrative Officer, Avodah



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